We are always recruiting several positions. The descriptions of each position can be found below.


Translators take Japanese text from raw manga pages and translate it into English.
There is a test for translator applicants.


Cleaners take a raw manga page and use Adobe Photoshop (and when necessary, Topaz Labs filters) in order to make a page go from:
It involves - depending on the source of raws (digital or physical) - rotating, levelling, clearing bubbles of Japanese text and usually the use of filters.
No experience required, we can teach applicants how to clean! Please apply!


Typesetters, or letterers, take an English language translation script and place the text on the cleaned manga pages using Adobe Photoshop; turning this:
into this:
No experience required, we can teach applicants how to typeset! Please apply!


Redrawers remove overlaying Japanese text and also stitch the gap in two page redraws. For example, turning this:
into this:
There is a test for redrawer applicants.


Beta readers are people who read the series we do and are up to date with the universe and story of each manga. With this knowledge they read typeset chapters and look for mistakes/inconsistencies and comment on what looks wrong with the chapter so we can fix it.
No experience or training required; you just need to speak English and read our series! Please apply!

If you wish to apply or take a test, please express your interest via IRC or email and we will respond.