Boss 11-12, Island 31, Aho 71-71.5, Ogeha 14-15

Merry Christmas folks! More releases from us and a few announcements.

Firstly, in relation to Kawaii Joushi, turns out it was popular so we welcome aboard some new members; cranon, ferdinbeer and Holy from Musunde Scans, so go say thanks to them and check out their project Musunde Hiraite! It was pretty cool, I read it. Also helping us with this one is the Spanish scanlator of the series, Aka Tenshi, so say thanks to him too.

We're using the digital volumes for this series, but the magazine version of chapter 11 also included a couple of colour pages which are shown below:

And the digital volume also had some colour pages at the start if you wanna take a look:

And in other news with this series... The volume only came out in October and there's only two chapters of it left to scanlate. It's serialized in a monthly magazine so unfortunately it'll be a while before you see releases after chapter 14.

Only other announcement is: Ogeha finished, our first completion, and I'm very proud of this first milestone we have reached as a team. The next release post I'll make will have another piece of news, whenever that is.