Aho 76-78, Wonderland 13-14

Releases after a long time~
So what we have for you today are two chapters of Wonderland and three of Aho Girl.
We've been dead for... quite a while, but now that summer holidays are upon us, we shall spring back to life. Our plan is to catch up on the things we're behind on, but there are some changes. We're dropping Cinema, Scored Manga is doing it so you'll see releases on batoto. And the other is Danna ga Nani; we were supposed to be doing it with Cirno9Baka but I haven't heard from him in ages so if someone else comes along to translate, we can do it again. Until then, stalled.
We have staff organized to make Aho Girl releases faster, same for Wonderland. In terms of other projects, magazine cleaners for Umaru would be helpful to speed things up. Some typesetters and redrawers too are needed.
Still hoping some website developer comes along and makes a nice theme for us :'(
Expect more releases sooner rather than later.